February 27, 2015 · Wi-Fi Display Hardware

Wi-Fi Display dongles and associated latencies table

I've written about the Wi-Fi Certified Miracast program (and related Wi-Fi Display specification) before, so I'll spare you the intro. But what you may not know is that for about two years now, I've been testing and collecting wireless display dongles, an esoteric hobby for sure. Per request, I put together a chart of my devices and associated latency observations and am sharing that today.

When I refer to latency, I'm talking about the time it takes for an image on a source device (e.g. a Surface Pro) to appear on the target device (e.g. TV).

My test parameters are as follows:

Testing involves running a simple program that displays a counter and loops through a movie trailer that covers over 90% of the screen to exercise motion compensation algorithms and observe quality and latency hits, if present. I then take a picture with a DSLR of both the source and target (in the same frame) and subtract the counts to determine latency.

CostFirmwareAvg. Latency (ms)Works with WindowsMiracast Certified
Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro$68.991.1.1.1083YesYes
MOCREO iPush$41.803.0.0-rc1NoNo
Netgear Push2TV (PTV3000)$48.992.4.53116.3YesYes
Samsung Wi-Fi AllShare Cast Hub$68.98LJ02NoNo
Lenovo Wireless Display Adapter (WD100-SL)$29.51Unknown143.5YesNo
Belkin Miracast Video Adapter (F7D7501)$59.992.51376Yes, but unstableYes
Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones (HD-10)$69.992.0149.8YesYes
Amazon Fire TV Stick$39.9954.1.1.02971.13Yes, but unstableYes
Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter$57.981.083.16YesYes
Tronsmart T1000 Mirror2TV$29.9913414176.66YesNo
Xbox One 🔧$345.996.2.12815.0106.8Yes, but unstableNo
HDMI cable reference$5.0932YesNo

🔧 Xbox One latency was measured with different hardware (Surface 3), so its number isn't directly comparable to the other devices. This will be fixed when all devices are re-tested with new hardware.


03/31/2015 - Amazon Fire TV Stick now works with Windows, measured latency added

05/01/2015 - Added preliminary latency for Xbox One

05/15/2015 - Modified latency for Xbox One using new Surface 3 hardware